Finding a Church Home

If you are in need of listening to God’s word and finding out more about how much God genuinely loves you, these churches among many other churches offer audio and video messages that will lift you up and help guide you in your growing experience with God.

Calvary Chapel of Chester Springs, PA

Calvary Chapel of Chino Hills, CA

Scientific Evidence for Believers and Skeptics

If you’re the type of person who has a dozen questions about how or if science and God work together, this site is one of many excellent sites to take on your most challenging questions.  If you are a Christian, or you’re skeptical about so many God things, or you just don’t believe in that Christian experience, give this site a look-through.

His Love For You Store

Special Needs Resources

There are many great resources that provide help with special needs situations.  We will touch on a few of them here that mainly center around autism.  Whatever issue a person is looking for answers with, the internet provides many resources to explore for help and direction.  Not every web site in a particular issue is useful. Weigh carefully to what is said and being offered.  Seek God’s wisdom for guidance in your searching for direction.  Here are some resource links that you may find helpful to get you started. 

When a person is taking medication or as often is, taking multiple medications, the side effects can be very negative.  One site that helps you discover possible side effects and the effects of how medications interact is

When it comes to welcoming and ministering to special needs people in the church, this Special Needs team show an incredible demonstration of God’s love.  Hats off to everyone at Calvary Chapel of Chester Springs, PA.

This whole site is filled with help and resources for those with disabilities.  Joni and Friends are invaluable with their love in helping point people in a better direction.  If you have a church that would like to help people with disabilities in your area but do not know where to start: this is your source.


Building relationships is at the core of the Son Rise Program.  A beautiful team of people who help strengthen you and your relationship with your child.  Is your child withdrawn to where even making eye contact with them seems like it will never happen? The Son Rise Program will help you realize that reaching your child is not a dream.  Everyone in the family gets refreshed with new insight and a much better, hands on approach.  Beautiful changes can happen.

The Son Rise Program

Takes on the scientific side and “promoting solutions” for the individual and families.

New discoveries in the field of genetics are happening almost every day.  For example, there is a gene linked to autism, seizures and other similar symptoms called, Syngap1.  Here you will also find links to other organizations that deal with rare genetic disorders.

Addictions and Recovery

Bible Study Resources

Here are a few sites that help you along with your study of the Scriptures.